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By Veterans, For Veterans. 

Eddy’s Meds is made for everyone to enjoy, not just veterans. By becoming a loyal patron you are helping support veterans all over the country. Our profits are donated to organizations that raise awareness for prevention of veteran suicide and who provide services for veterans who are returning from combat. 

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About Eddy’s Meds

Eddy’s Meds was created to honor the memory of Edmund Pennartz. Edmund Was Born In Germany And Raised His Family On a Farm In The Foothills Of The Alps. Edmund Worked In Forestry and Learned About The Powerful Possibilities Of Plants Early On. Edmund Also Served His Country Honorably. Unfortunately, We Lost Edmund On May 20th 2021. Edmund and David Jacobs had just started a working relationship and were inspired by each others passion for finding and using the magic of plants. Edmund Left Behind His Life’s Work Of Amazing Formulations He Discovered and David has put his heart and soul into keeping Edmund alive through creating some of the most incredible natural products. Edmund Wanted To Leave His Legacy For Fellow Veterans And For All Of Us To Be Able To Use For Generations To Come.

What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 is a compound from the hemp plant that is rising quickly in popularity as people begin to see it more in the market.  Delta-8 is similar to delta-9 THC, but doesn’t carry the same intense effects. We use Delta-8 in our line of topicals that are designed carefully with the highest quality ingredients. Check out our RACK OPS* Delta-8 Topical today!

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Eddy’s Meds is happy to offer a lifetime discount to veterans and active members of the US Military. 

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