About Eddy’s Meds

Eddy’s Meds was created to honor the memory of Edmund Pennartz. Edmund Was Born In Germany And Raised His Family On a Farm In The Foothills Of The Alps. Edmund Worked In Forestry and Learned About The Powerful Possibilities Of Plants Early On. Edmund Also Served His Country Honorably. Unfortunately, We Lost Edmund On May 20th 2021. Edmund and David Jacobs had just started a working relationship and were inspired by each others passion for finding and using the magic of plants. Edmund Left Behind His Life’s Work Of Amazing Formulations He Discovered and David has put his heart and soul into keeping Edmund alive through creating some of the most incredible natural products. Edmund Wanted To Leave His Legacy For Fellow Veterans And For All Of Us To Be Able To Use For Generations To Come.

Rooted In Tradition

Our Story

 Eddy’s Meds is rooted in the principles of family, honor, integrity and service. Eddy wanted everyone to enjoy his formulas for years to come. Eddy was especially focused on helping his fellow veterans, knowing how the unique challenges they face can be overlooked and even ignored after service, and we are committed to following through with his passion to give back to all who gave so much. With the Eddy’s Meds brand we have focused on making our products affordable for everyone, yet we offer a well earned discount to veterans for our entire line of products.

Eddy’s Meds offers Full Spectrum CBD (with THC) , Broad Spectrum CBD (without THC), and Delta-8 THC products. All of our products use hemp that is grown at trusted farms in the Pacific North West. Eddy’s Meds is committed to only using the finest organic ingredients in our products.

Help us keep Eddy’s vision alive and support our veterans by sharing our products and our mission with your family and friends!


Our Mission

The mission of Eddy’s Meds is to provide high quality functional hemp products for everyone, determined to giving back to our military veterans.

Our focus

Eddy’s Meds is focused on unity. We know the incredible effects that plants can have on the body, and we believe that they also posses the power to unite our communities. When our loved ones suffer it ripples into our homes and our communities. We are all one as humans and will overcome anything through helping one another. Unite with Eddy’s Meds.

Our integrity

We know the importance of trust and transparency in the CBD space, and we are 100% committed to full transparency at every step of the process. We proudly publish our Certificate of Analysis for each product, and our team is always available to answer any questions regarding our products or formulas.


“Five Stars!”

Eddy’s products are delicious, and I love knowing that the company is supporting military vets

My dog has no problems with Eddy’s Pet Chill, and he actually seems to love the flavor

I have had to watch my ol lady suffer from extreme pain in her neck and shoulders. I watched her rub in the Delta 8 balm and was blown away that within a minute she started to feel some long needed relief!